Auto body painter

The auto body painter is responsible for providing correct technical and spray paint jobs on vehicles. He must be able to edit and sand cars. A painter who can not sand cars is not what we are looking for, because then he can not know how a job is done properly before the paint job. He has got to be able to mix the right colors with a digital scale. Determine the right shade. Prepare the vehicle before it can be taped. He has to mask the vehicle. He has to be able to do Spotrepair’s on car parts. Removing dust and small paint defects must be rectified before we deliver it tot he costumer. This means a painter must have the sanding skills.



  • Undertake all common spraying and painting areas using the latest technologies to vehicles or parts there of on the basis of all common repair jobs
  • The masking, filling, sanding and in primer spraying of vehicles or parts there of in such a way that the vehicle is ready for the spraying
  • Masking cars with the plastic foil and use as less paper as possible to reduce masking costs
  • Mixing colors and tune the colors in such a way as to obtain the right colors with minimal paint consumption
  • Ensure quality and perform quality check of his own work
  • Combine colors in the cabin
  • Masking, degreasing and spray paint at least 10 cars a day
  • Familiar with latest  paint systems waterbased (Cromax, lesonall, Glasurit, Du-pont)
  • Familiar with spot repair on car parts ( familiar with fast clearcoat hardeners )
  • Sanding and polishing all the little imperfections in the paint job
  • Open for training and development on the job to keep up with the latest technologies

Performance Indicators:

  • All work is done in accordance with established standards
  • The work was carried out within the applicable standard times
  • Careful use and management of the tools made available
  • Correct compliance with the Quality issued by the company, Health & Safety and Environmental Regulations

Job Requirements:

  • Training 1st painter
  • At least 5 years experience in auto body repair
  • Environmental certificate syringes
  • Familiar with digital scales and online coating system
  • Plastering, make tight and preparing the supplied repair for the primer
  • Can create Primer and can apply it on the car with HVLP spraygun
  • Apply filler on the repaired spot and prepare for spraying
  • Masking vehicles before painting without allot of paper
  • Familiar with spraying out the base coat tot manage color imperfections
  • Colors can determine with contemporary techniques (color samples)
  • EU citizen or permit to work in the EU



  • English speaking, to communicate with the workshop manager
  • Able to spray at least 10 cars a day

What we offer:

A job as a auto body painter at a professional body shop in the Netherlands. Accommodation (private room!) in one of our spacious houses together with other automotive professionals. A good salary according to Dutch standards, weekly pay. Use of a company car for travel from the accommodation to the work location. Training and team building activities. To be part of a motivated and skilled team of auto repair workers.

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